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Gain deeper knowledge about the functioning and

application of Pharmaco-Nutritional products

LIVE MasterClasses for Wellness Practitioners
October 2022-February 2023

Guided by Dr. Paul Clayton and Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen

 8 live MasterClass calls, held in English, with 15-20 minutes of training on a topic chosen by the participants

plus 40-minute Q&A.

This is an opportunity for you to discuss your client cases with

Dr. Paul Clayton, the expert in Pharmaco-nutrition. 

 In addition to the MasterClasses, there is a private and safe Forum on Facebook where you can access recordings and discuss therapeutic issues, share experiences, and ask questions regarding the use of pharmaco-nutritional interventions.

Of course, we expect that everything discussed in the closed Forum will stay within the group and can under no circumstances be used as arguments or “health claims” towards your clients/patients, as this would be both illegal and unethical, and could even harm your business.


After a successful “Pilot Run” with Wellness Practitioners in a Dutch team this spring, we are offering this program to a larger audience in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

As we are eager to deliver to your individual needs, we have chosen to keep the “Pilot Run” label for this Autumn program, offering you, as participants, the ability to contribute to the further development of this kind of Forum.


Gunnhild will be your main guide and contact person, while Dr. Paul will attend every second meeting (marked with a "P").

Classes are held in English. 

For this “Pilot Run”, we have a limited number of places to offer, and enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis. We highly recommend taking action ASAP to reserve your place.


Europe/North America

This pilot run will last for 4 months (8 live Masterclasses) with the following dates in 2022-2023:

October: 19th

November: 2nd(P) + 16th + 30th (P)

December: 14th

January: 4th (P) + 18th

February: 1st (P)

Time: 19.00-20.00 CET  (Central European Time).

The price for this “Pilot Run” is only

€ 250


the October- February program. 


The Classes are recorded for internal use only.

We look forward to starting the MasterClasses & Forum with you, and serving your needs in the best way possible, so that you may better serve even more of your clients/patients.


As soon as we have 15+ students we will create a MasterClass for the APEC area better matching your time zone.


If you are a wellness practitioner in Australia/Asia and interested in enrolling in the upcoming APEC MasterClasses & Forum, please click the button below to let us know of your interest, get more information, and be notified when this program begins. 
Classes are held in English.

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Meet Your MasterClass Guides

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